• Provide an effective, professionally managed, legally compliant solution for owning physical gold with minimal counterparty risks, global diversification options, access to commercial liquidity sources and multiple exit strategies.
  • Serve as a strategic reserve that is uncorrelated to financial assets and could provide access to global liquid buying power, with no haircut, when it matters the most.


  • Keep 100% of net assets invested in gold bullion at all times.
  • Offer the ability to custom-tailor geographic diversification through access to insured private, non-bank vaults including Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and the U.S.
  • Ensure safe custody and investor protections by maintaining strong control environment and compliance procedures that overlay a robust ownership structure.
  • Employ experienced, professional managers that can evaluate the changing regulatory, economic and political landscape and adapt to contingencies.
  • Establish and maintain relationships across a global network of bullion dealers, refiners, secure logistics services and vaulting facilities.


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